Postdoctoral Fellow

OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine & Center for Spoken Language Understanding Portland, OR

We are seeking outstanding graduates to fill a postdoctoral fellowship. Graduates of Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with background in machine learning or applications of it in speech and language processing or computer vision are encouraged to apply. Candidates are expected to work on funded research in collaboration with faculty at the center. Opportunities also exist to carve out independent research. For more information, contact Prof.~Izhak Shafran,

The position is funded by a Keck Foundation project, titled Integrated light and electron microscopy for multiscale structural epigenomics. This project is dedicated to coordinated development of multi-scale imaging, labeling chemistry and computational methods to visualize specific molecular assemblies defined using immunofluorescence labeling techniques and to localize these relative to ultrastrstructrual features defined using electron microscopy. The goal is to discover the molecular abnormalities and aberrations in regulatory mechanism in disease states so they can be corrected therapeutically. This international project brings together experts from several disciplines. The challenge in computational domain involves inferring signaling pathways or regulatory networks from large volume of multi-scale images using, for example, probabilistic graphical models.

The postdoctoral fellow will have opportunities to collaborate with faculty at OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine as well as the Center for Spoken Language Understanding. OCSSB is a multi-disciplinary, multi-departmental and multi-institutional organization focused on developing new generation of measurement and systems-level approaches to biomedical problem-solving. CSLU conducts a wide range of research focused on speech processing and natural language processing algorithms and their clinical applications. OCSSB and CSLU are centers at Oregon Health & Science University which is a health and research university dedicated to graduate education, research and health care. The university educates some 3,000 students each year and about 1,500 scientists work here on basic and applied research projects.