Flinger is a program for synthesizing singing voice from a MIDI file input. It based on Flinger is similar in functionality to an earlier system called Lyricos, but in no way uses any source code or data contained in the Lyricos system.

Currently, Flinger is provided in pre-compiled form only, for Linux and Windows platforms only. We plan to offer a source code distribution in the future, similar to the way the other OGI TTS group software is provided.

Flinger Jukebox

Visit the Jukebox page to hear some samples of a growing library of music contributed by Flinger users around the world.

System Documentation

The Documentation page provides the most basic information needed to use the system. Note that this is not "pointy-clicky" software. In order to use it, you must be able to edit a text file and run a command-line program from the MS-DOS (or Linux) shell.


Some publications describing the concatenative approach to singing voice synthesis are as follows: A large number of references to other papers on singing voice synthesis can be found in the last reference above.


We are looking for funding to continue Dr. Macon's work on Flinger.  However, in the meantime, we have no resources to fix problems or add functionality.  We have set up a forum at http://speech.bme.ogi.edu/forum to provide Flinger users with a forum to share experiences and trouble solving information.  Please check back here regularly after you've become an accomplished Flinger user to pass on your knowledge.