Kids' Speech v1.1

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The main protocol for this collection was divided into five sub-protocols in order to keep the total data collection time for each child near 20 minutes. We had an even number of children complete each sub-protocol, so that for each five children we have a complete version of the protocol. In addition to the prompts that are listed below, we had each child speak fluently about a topic of their choice. This speech was recorded at the end of the session. Before the fluent speech, we also had each child recite the alphabet. This file contain mapping for filenames and their content.


substitute XX for alphanumeric pair found in the file.

Sub-Protocol 1

woolen1 0 0 3 0 7 8 2 8 1 7 3 9 2
The young emperor could not spell.
A feather was in the birdcage.
That person eats pancakes.
Grandmother played football last year.
Mabel grows tomatoes in the courtyard.
They put my computer next to the books.
I collect stamps from Vietnam.
Matthew has a horse from the desert.
We watched television during dinner.
The illusion looked like a giraffe.
That pink marble cost me a dollar.
Every month I eat some chocolate.
Chasing Sally can be dangerous.
Jason likes playing with Garfield.
People like to sing in Cairo.
Unplug the toaster, if it gets hot.
Is that girl chewing gum?
Bill has purple glasses.
Fred didn't try the carrot juice.
Silver robot toys are the best.

Sub-Protocol 2

allowingaveragebeyondbreath chalkcliffhangercrossdigested
eightexplosionflagpolehandshake hoofimagerylawyerloyal
meaninglessmoisturenineoasis onepatheticplayhousereal
rugbyscrewdrivershirtsix snakesqueegeestoogessubtract
tabthatchthursdaytrauma underneathupwardwarmthwiseguy
yankee2 6 4 0 2 4 6 9 9 6 9 6 1 0
Pay Albert for the fresh water.
The briefcase is open now.
San Diego is very green this year.
The angry chef cooked his vegetables.
Edgar does not have a job.
You can save water in your bathtub.
Who will the soldier vote for?
Turn the volume on the radio down.
Stewart has five friends in Richmond.
Doug thinks he will win the race.
Knights don't get scared of dragons.
Your shadow always follows you.
We should try to save the whales.
It can only be a good circus with elephants.
Honey can get sticky.
The bird sang a sweet melody.
The herd became angry and started a stampede.
Even your ears sweat in a sauna.
Don't make the same mistakes twice.
His car thundered down the road.

Sub-Protocol 3

announceawesomebigfootbronco chewyconceptculturesdirect
employeesfaithfulfourhardship hopefulinterruptlengthenlumberyard
microwavesmouthsnormalobjected organizationspathfinderplayoffsred
safewayseizureshockslogan softenstarvestraitjacketsuggest
technologythousandtoothpastetreasure unfortunatevasewashwithdrawn
yellow1 9 7 4 3 5 4 4 6 4 2 9 5 4
Don't think about it too much.
I hope the airplane will get higher.
Our tent can hold six people.
Give Keith a moment to think.
Will you please bathe?
Put the key in the key hole.
Take off your hat, please.
We had a birds-eye view.
Buying the ring took all of my money.
Why is the Earth inside the Milky Way?
I like my meat on a cold platter.
Are zebras just striped horses?
Pass their notes along.
Will beets stain my pants?
Are you sure this is okay?
Please offer them a dinner mint.
Could lizards ever talk?
You can see bugs light up the sky.
The rain chased the dirt down the drain.
The speaker boomed from the car.

Sub-Protocol 4

archrivalbackgroundbiologycashflow childhoodcooperatedashboarddisrupt
endurefancyfragmenthawthorne hourlyjoinlethargiclure
midnightmusiciannothingobstacle overallspayoutspointsrepresents
scallywagsevenshoesmashed soursteakhousestudiosuper
temptationthreetouriststruck unrollvaultedwaveletwomen
yields2 6 9 0 2 2 0 2 4 7 6 3 7 4
She'll be ready very soon.
Her veins pop out when she is mad.
When will we go on vacation?
He breathed a sigh of relief.
Don't leave so soon!
Because my leg is sore, I can't play.
He was really nice to us.
Eating blueberries gives you blue hands.
That was an odd decision.
Sir, have you seen my coat?
I have ice cream for you.
The car went too fast.
I'll rent an apartment tomorrow.
I thought I heard new voices.
Go inside and eat your dinner.
Search in between the couch cushions.
I'm ready to go home.
The flea chased the dog.
My clothes are wet from the rain.
The zebra entered the brush with care.

Sub-Protocol 5

aspirebathebirthmarkcautiously circumstancecowboysdepthsearthquake
engravefemalegrowlherbalist humorjurorslifeboatsmature
misjudgedmutualnovelobvious overreactionpharoahpunishmentrock
schoolshadesshortchangesmoke southmoststeamshipsubduesurround
tenthroughouttowntwenty unwillingvowelweatherproofwonderful
zucchini1 8 1 7 6 4 3 1 7 8 9 1 8 6
We gathered sticks for the fire.
Santa deemed Rudolph the leader.
My sleeve caught the thorny bush.
The stove melted the butter.
I'm sorry, the dog ate your dinner.
Someone bought a beautiful ring for you.
We've had a wonderful night.
You didn't arrive too late.
Five people can fit in the elevator.
Greet me with open arms.
I don't clean windows.
The cows' hay was not dry yet.
I think cats are cute.
I'm good with things like that.
Help me unroll the new rug.
The dog is a big, gentle puppy.
We've just started the egg toss.
Try to lick the lollipop.
Could you pass the other jam please?
Charles will sell fifty almonds.